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Comfort and Affordability in One

Our Residential Properties

Dahlonega is a jewel set in Georgia, offering a scenic view of the mountains matched with a rich culture of history and arts. Through our company, you can be part of this landscape. Choose from Dahlonega Rental Properties’ available townhomes that match your living preferences. 

University Heights

We have 79 brand new townhomes to accommodate 316 additional students at the University of North Georgia. We encourage communal living, but with utmost priority to the occupants’ privacy. Our townhomes can lodge four students with their own room and bathroom. With $2195 per month for the entire unit, the occupants can enjoy the comforts of having their own private space for less than $548.75 each.

Sims Townhomes

Enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of Dahlonega with our Sims Townhomes at 22 Wimpy Mill Road. These homes have beautiful and spacious areas, with four bedrooms and four bathrooms in its 1,900 square feet. Each unit has a hookup for your washer or dryer and an attached outdoor patio.

Economically priced at $2195 per month, you can either take the entire house for yourself or share it with three other people for $548.75 each. 

Magnolia Townhomes

Tucked in the historic district of Dahlonega Square, the Magnolia Townhomes immerses its residents right into the city’s heart and charm, yet still apart from its hustle and bustle. Located along 20 Hawkins Street, our units come in 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom variations within a 1,500 square feet space.

The 2-bedroom townhome is $1295 per month while the 3-bedroom unit is $1,595.

Sherman Green Terrace I

Perfect for college students who does not want to be confined by dorm living, Sherman Green Terrace I is conveniently located within the University of North Georgia grounds. These homes are walking distance to school, yet they still give off the feeling of the outdoors.

Each unit comes with a hookup for washers or dryers and a covered outdoor patio. Our roommate plans are $1295 per month for a 2-bedroom and 2-bedroom unit with an area of 1,600 square feet and $1,595 per month for a 3-bedroom and 3-bathroom unit of 1,800 square feet.

Sherman Green Terraces II

Just around the corner of Sherman Green Terrace I in Butler Drive are the equally cozy and spacious homes of Sherman Green Terrace II. They also have similar amenities and roommate plans. Each unit comes with a hookup for washers or dryers and a covered outdoor patio.

The 2-bedroom and 2-bathroom units of 1,600 square feet are $1195 per month, while the 3-bedroom and 3-bathroom units with an area of 1,800 square feet are $1,495 per month. 

Willow Trace

These recently acquired residential properties are 84 apartment homes lined up along 30 Clark Drive. They come in 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units, with amenities that include water, , and trash pickup service. The rates are $895 per month for the 1-bedroom unit and $1195 for the 2-bedroom home. 

Greenbriar – Green Doors 

These residential townhouses along Happy Hollow Road are known across the campus as the “Green Door” because of the memorable color of their doors. Located at about 1 mile from downtown Dahlonega, these townhomes give the convenience of being close to the center but far enough for its residents to enjoy some respite from urban living.

The units have an area size of approximately 1,000 square feet, including a small patio. The rent is $895 per month.

Greenbriar – Red Doors 

Also located in Happy Hollow Road as the “Green Doors” townhomes, the “Red Doors” townhomes have units with two bedrooms and 1 ½ bathroom. These units have a washer or dryer connection and a covered patio. Having an approximate area size of 1,400 square feet, each unit costs $1095

per month.

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